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Undertaking this type of planning is one of the best gifts an individual can give heirs.

Receive sound advice about guardians and conservators by coming to Karen McFadden. She has been helping people plan ahead for over 20 years, creating estate plans that include stipulations for conservatorship and guardianship.  A complete estate plan does not deal only with money and property.  Rather, it includes provisions for caring for minor children and mentally or physically disabled adults.  Choosing guardians or conservators in advance provides the testator with the knowledge that their loved ones will be cared for properly.

Learn more about your rights under a guardianship or conservatorship by talking with Karen.  She will act as a guardian-ad-litem, serving as the eyes and ears of the court as it considers guardianship petitions.  Karen McFadden represents potential wards, parents, and guardians in cases around medication issues involving anti-psychotic prescriptions.  

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Guardianship for adults

Guardianship or conservatorship also provides for care for the testator through adult guardianship, should he or she become disabled or incompetent. Karen McFadden has the experience and the intimate familiarity with the law to help guide you through the process and ensure that you or your family members will be well cared for.

-  Select a guardian for a minor child

-  Name a guardian for a protected person such as a physically or mentally disabled child, either minor or adults

-  Choose and name a guardian for yourself should you become disabled or unable to take care of yourself

-  Understand a guardian’s duties and fiduciary responsibility, including the court-mandated reporting requirements

-  Know about the possible objections to their selection of a guardian

-  Understand the difference between a guardian and a conservator

-  Learn about the parameters of the guardian’s role, including how he or she could dispose of assets to benefit the ward

-  Know the difference between family members and professionals as named guardians or conservators

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Karen McFadden welcomes inquiries about guardianship issues such as litigation over contested guardianship. Call today!

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